August Favourites

Okay, so I’ve jumped the gun a bit by uploading this before the actual end of August. But I haven’t written a favourite’s post in forever, therefore I’m a bit excited. Between the heatwaves, travelling, A-Level results and general summer madness I have actually accumulated quite a few favourites. Enjoy!


Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk – Soap and Glory 
I got this cleanser in January as part of the New Year sales as part of the ‘It’s The Whole She-Bang!’ Bag. When I brought the bag, I had never used Soap and Glory Products, but I had heard fabulous things about them, so for £30 I thought it was a bargain. The first product I used was the cleanser, before this – prepare for the gasps of beauty bloggers everywhere – I hadn’t really used a cleanser, only makeup wipes. So it’s safe to say that it has transformed my skincare routine. It removes even the stubbornest of mascaras (which in my case is a lifesaver, too many mornings of panda eyes) my only complaint with this cleanser is when you get it in your eyes it really hurts. Therefore, my advice would be to be careful when removing eye makeup!

This summer had mainly been motivated by how many books I can read, due to exams and other commitments I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to read books in the last few months. So I decided that this summer was dedicated to reading, I must admit, It was a good decision.

After You – Jojo Moyes

Following the emotional devastation that is the film adaptation of the heartbreaking Me Before You, I toyed with the idea of reading the next stage of Lou Clark’s story. I had seen many people criticise the book, claiming there was no need for a follow up as many felt that Lou’s life should not be explored beyond the death of the love of her life. How wrong they were. Unlike most of the population, I didn’t read ‘Me Before You’ with the mindset that it was a story about Will Traynor and Louisa Clark, I read it as a story about Louisa Clark and her life, that just happened to have Will Traynor in it. So the sequel that explores her life after Will was greatly appreciated by myself, the portrayal of grief and the mixture of emotions surrounding it was brilliant, along with the many plot twists managed to convey how, even if you do have a life plan, or pretend to have one, that it still can through you a curveball. Or two. Overall a great read, if you don’t mind a few tears!

The Guilty One – Lisa Ballantyne

You’ve caught me, I haven’t actually finished this book yet, but it still deserves a place in my monthly favourites. When my mum passed me this book on the basis that I would enjoy it because it has a court case in it, I wasn’t exactly sold, to be honest. But like most things, mum was right. I’m about 200 pages in and it’s addictive, two storylines of the main character intertwine effortlessly. Daniel Hunter is a solicitor who has spent years defending the lost causes of London, a routine job until an 8-year-old is found dead in a local park with Daniel acting for the defence, an 11-year-old. As the case develops, Daniel is drawn back to his own past in foster care and the woman who saved him – Minnie – until a betrayal caused a rift and they haven’t spoken in years. Cut out of each other’s lives. I’m at a point in the book where it’s just picking up, the groundwork has been set and the characters introduced, now we are onto the main act. Both stories, Daniel’s past and present day  are captivating, addictive and a little bit discomforting. Slowly I’m drawing parallels between the boy accused and a young Daniel, which just adds to the mysterious betrayal. I have a lot of faith in this book to be great, I just hope it doesn’t let me down.

My favourite purchase this month would have to be my new record player, I managed to get this one for around £30 in Argos, which to me was a bargain! I haven’t purchased any of my own, more current, vinyl yet, so I’ve been rummaging through my parent’s old classics. Including The Clash, Duran Duran, and Earth Wind and Fire, Jason Donovan is also in my mum’s collection, but we don’t talk about that!

I’m still getting back into this blogging thing, but I hope I’m getting better? Only you can answer that, so leave me a comment below letting me know how I’m doing or share your favourites of the month if you wish.




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