I’m Leaving You

Dear WordPress,

We’ve had a good run, haven’t we? You helped me create this little space I’ve had the honour to call home for the last two years, but I’m leaving you. It’s not you, it’s me. We want different things, I want to expand and I think you’re the thing that’s stopping me.

We’ve both played host to a wonderful audience, but I’ve always felt as if I was the one running around the kitchen whilst you were the one watching the television in the front room being idle. The truth is, I’ve met someone else, they are the complete opposite to you, I feel so creative when I’m around them, I have so much more say in the relationship than I did with you, I’m allowed my say, I’m allowed to decorate how I want and say what I want without getting the weird neighbours appearing to have their say. So I’m going with him.

I don’t know what to say, I didn’t realise you’d take it so well. As you are taking is so nicely, can I keep my stuff at yours still? It would save me having to find somewhere to keep it at his. So I’ll just leave this stuff here, okay?

I’ve had fun WordPress, but all good things must come to an end. Not only me and you but Miss Backwards as well. That’s who I was when I was with you, I’m not her anymore.

Thanks, WordPress, thank you, Miss Backwards,
I’ll pop in for a coffee sometime, look after yourselves – keep each other company,

Ellie x


Long time no see or write, or any means of communication whatsoever really.

I hope you got the message from that letter, if not and for clarification purposes, I’m leaving WordPress as a domain hosting service and I’m leaving Miss Backwards here, she’s reached her final station.

To say it’s been an honour is an understatement, I have been so so so lucky to have been able to share this chapter of my life with you, I have enjoyed it immensely. I have learnt so much from this little space on the internet, and along the way I have met some remarkable people. But the final curtain must call on this show, the Miss Backwards music has had its run. Thank you so much for all of your support over the years, you have all been so lovely.

Which is why I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you in a new home. You didn’t think I’d leave for good did you? Pack away those tissues and gather round, because I’m starting a new chapter and I would love for you all to join me. On January 1st, 2017 I will be launching my brand new blog! This time it really is more personal, more open, as well as having some of the same things we all loved about Miss Backwards. You will be able to find me here! At “extraordinellie” with brand new content, a renewed look at blogging as well as various other new things. Hopefully, I will see some of you there.

Thank you all,

Your one and only Miss Backwards, Ellie x




Salted Caramel Flapjacks

 Around the holiday season, I love nothing more than sitting with a ice hot drink and eating all the sweet treats this time of year has to offer. Today I thought I’d share with you a recipe that is perfect for those cozy nights in by the fire, or even to package and send has little homemade baked gifts. I shared this batch with family and friends whilst watching a festive film, the perfect Boxing Day treat.

You Will Need:
240g of salted butter
180g of light muscovado sugar
1 can of Nestlè caramel
1 tbsp of salt
300g of oats
60g of museli

What To Do With The Stuff You Need:
Place the butter, sugar, caramel and salt in a pan.
Melt ingredients til liquid
Add the oats and museli into the pan, and stir
Place the mixture into a oven proof dish (about an inch thickness)
Bake for 20 mins at 180, or til golden brown
Leave to cool for 10 – 15 mins


This post was done as part of a collab with some other girls, you can find there posts here! Frances, ClaireHolly, Maddie, Annabel, Charlotte, and Yasmin. They’re all lovely people and have written fabulously festive posts to go alongside this recipe, ranging from lookbooks to the perfect Christmas chill out routine.  Also, if you do decide to make these lovely flapjacks let me know by commenting, or you can send me a picture on social media (you can find the links in the top right hand corner of the page)