Ellie’s Excursions | Blickling Hall, Norfolk

Around fifteen miles away from Norwich’s city centre stands Blickling Hall estate and gardens, it’s Jacobean house and grounds are worlds away from the hustle and bustle that Norwich hosts on a daily basis.

When I decided to go on a day trip to the Blickling estate, I wasn’t really sure what I was walking into. We had made our decision on it being a nice day and the house having lovely gardens, I certainly didn’t anticipate the amount of history that was housed there. In brief, during the 15th Century the estate was in the procession of Sir John Fastolf Of Caister (that’s quite a regal name) who had made a fortune in the Hundred Years’ War. The more known and perhaps more popular owners of the Blickling estate are the Boleyn family (yes that Boleyn family) It was home to Thomas Boleyn and his wife Elizabeth between 1499 and 1505. Historians are confident that all three of the couples surviving children were born at Blickling, including Anne in 1501 who would later grow up to become Queen of England along side King Henry VIII.

Here’s the slightly cool part, Blicking is supposedly haunted by Anne Boleyn, with her appearing on the anniversary of her death every year. Due to the nature of her departure, Anne is seen to be carrying her head under her arm when she appears (ghost stories are so cute and flowery) in a carriage being pulled by headless horses and driven by a headless coachmen. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Anne’s not quite over the fact that Henry VIII had her beheaded. The coach is supposedly driven down the main driveway to Blickling before disappearing into the house itself. There are witnesses to this, but I didn’t see Anne when I was there. The very regal, Jacobean house that stands today was built upon the ruins of the Boleyn property.



Before I visited Blickling, I had the basic knowledge like everyone else. I knew it was under the control of the National Trust, who under the National Trust act can make bylaws about their property regarding such things as the consumption of alcohol on their sites. (it’s a reflex I swear) What I didn’t know was that it was the first estate/manor house to be left to the National Trust as part of a will, after the death of Phillip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian the Hall and it’s surrounding acres was left to the National Trust at his request. During World War II the house served as a Officers’ Mess for RAF Oulton, when I visited there was a museum and gallery dedicated to the history of RAF Oulton and it’s pilots, which can be visited for no extra cost once you have entered the grounds of the house.

From 1960, the house was restored by the Trust to reflect the way in which it was left them by Lord Lothian. Which is how the house is now to visitors. His furnishings and personal items are placed around the house with a self guided tour for visitors designed and choreographed in a way that means you don’t miss anything or any room out. What I really liked about this site in particular was the National Trust volunteers that were placed throughout the house, so if you had any questions about the room you were in or the house/estate in general you could ask them and they would either be able to give you an answer or point you to a fellow volunteer who could. I’ve visited a couple of National Trust sites before, and I’ve never seen this set up before, but it was one that I certainly liked and would have liked to see at previous places.

Overall Blickling hall was a great day out with fabulous scenery, historical facts and sunny weather, Okay, so the weather doesn’t come with the house, but it’s rather smashing in the sunshine. Perfect for a family day out or a wander for inspired souls. There truly is something for everyone.



I’ve Been Away… | BEDA 22

“There was this blogger, I thought she was alright she decided to do this thing where she would blog everyday in August and then she stopped after 12 days. Waste of time she was.” I get it, that’s what some of you must have been thinking. Ellie said she would post everyday in August, not just start then take a break. But before you start brandishing your negative comments and thoughts. I should explain.

I went away. Yep, simple, nothing like a mid-month bloggins crisis. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of my holiday snaps, I must point out that I had originally planned to post the following after each day of my holiday, but once we got to the cottage I soon realised that my dreams had been smashed. The end happened, there was no wi-fi! Without further ado I give you, Wales…

For our first day in Wales we started on something everyone wanted to do, go to Cardiff Bay. Okay by everyone, I mean me. Time to release my inner geek for about a paragraph. The main reason I wanted to go to Cardiff Bay is because I am a massive Torchwood fan and it the main filming location, so I went to see that, but I was amazed by the scenery I found there!

Whilst we were looking for a toilet of all things we stumbled across the Doctor Who experience, well I use the term stumbled very loosely, it’s hard to miss. I’d done the pop up one that was in London a few years back so I wasn’t too bothered about it, but we went and did it anyway. It had so much more than the London one, with new updated costumes from the new series and ones I had never seen before. Despite being 17, my inner child was released it was far better than I thought it would be, highly recommended for anyone who likes Doctor who, young or old! Below is a slideshow of my favourite shots from the experience!

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Tenby is a seaside town that boasts a mixture between tourist spots and sunburnt holiday makers. Despite maintaining the charms of a common seaside town with independent florists and art studios, Tenby is slowly being invaded by big high street names, but I only saw three on my travels so it’s putting up a good fight! After spending a couple of hours in this charming town I can tell it is tailored to what keeps it going, tourism, however it is appealing and unusual due to its independent stores and spectacular views!


We didn’t just go to Tenby and Cardiff we explored many places, but i’m saving them for another post! Wales is a truly fantastic place with astounding views, perfect for photographers who are interested in landscaping, I enjoyed branching out (that was a nature pun) into that aspect of photography. With it’s history, endless hills, and a range of different tourist sectors, Wales is perfect for a getaway that involves hardly any electricals! I recommend a decent car and a good playlist, because everything is a good hour away from you, no matter where you go, but soak up the views and miles of hills. You won’t find them anywhere else!

Back to normal tomorrow, I have a little surprise for you!

p.s I’m not very good at travel posts, so I tried my best. Sorry it’s not great, it’s more of a mismatched photo explanation post!