August Favourites

Okay, so I’ve jumped the gun a bit by uploading this before the actual end of August. But I haven’t written a favourite’s post in forever, therefore I’m a bit excited. Between the heatwaves, travelling, A-Level results and general summer madness I have actually accumulated quite a few favourites. Enjoy!


Hang On In There

Hang On In There

I made two realisations last night.

1. I’m frustrated at the lack of content on my blog. 2. I have the power to change the amount of content on my blog.

I’m still finding it hard to get back into writing, most sentences are difficult to form at the moment. My travel posts sound like wikipedia articles, and my reviews seem to skip the bad parts. All whilst I’m seeing people being honest with their audiences, and I can’t help but think that I’m too honest too often, you don’t come here to see me publish content moaning about my lack of content, or to be informed that I’m taking yet another break.

If you happen to be here for that reason I encourage you to quit the window, or close the tab that currently displays these words, because I’m not doing that anymore. No more rebranding, no more “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I don’t need a schedule” Because I do. I want my posts to make impressions, create discussions and get people talking. But I can’t do that without an audience, and people aren’t going to read sporadic content that has been made with the least amount of effort possible, just so the creator gets to press the ‘publish’ button. I hope you’ll stay whilst I get some content sorted and establish a schedule.

Exciting times ahead, just hang on in there.

A special thank you to Matti, who helped me realise that I am actually capable of writing more than messages and emails. She’s pretty great. 


We all thought it, “Miss Backwards is gone and is never coming back.” I certainly did. Once you stop blogging and tell yourself that you have other priorities to think about, all you want to do is blog and write. Tell people about new, meaningless things as a way of assuring yourself that you won’t forget how to write content that doesn’t begin with “It can be argued that…” or “It is popular opinion amongst critics…” But then you write that context, well those essays, and you forget your blog. Then suddenly I woke up one Saturday in May allowing myself time to finally blog and I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to write a blog post, I’d been so busy wrapped up in analysis of literary works and kingships that I didn’t know how to type like a normal person. I didn’t know how to connect with an audience. Be the girl I was in posts, the bright and breezy girl who didn’t use “thus” and consider the relative importance of factors. Uninspired and disheartened at my writing skills I put blogging back to the bottom of the list, and if I’m honest I left it there. Not wanting to try, in fear of disappointment.

I’ve never felt so distant from this blog it’s crazy, it’s turned from a great hobby and passion to the space a girl who sometimes writes like me with my (out of date) photo in the sidebar used to be. I no longer feel that Miss Backwards is me, but then she is the girl I was when I went away, not the woman I am returning. I’m different now, I’m older, I’m wiser, and I no longer want to write filler posts or put up half-arsed content because I want views and that’s what everyone else is doing. I’m not going to mimic other people’s blogs; neither am I promising complete originality.  Complete honesty, no bullshit, that’s what I want to write, I’m not going to fob you off with half true comments and reviews.

I have no idea what is going to happen in August, for once in my life I have no idea what the future has in store for me, and that scares me more than anything. The unknown makes the monsters under your bed look like a group who you would take to tea at your grandmas. I’m staring the unknown in the face and it’s grinning at me like the Cheshire cat. Come the 24th June I’m in limbo, I start a 6 week waiting game. I don’t know what will happen but I know that I’m finding Miss Backwards again, I’m going forward into the unknown, hopefully not alone.

Care to join?

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New Year, New Me: Easier Said Than Done

January 1st 2016
I honestly think that people think that they will go to bed in the early hours of that morning, get about 8/9 hours sleep and wake up a completely new person with new morals and new goals, and most importantly, the new sense of self and drive that will help them achieve those goals. Rather than the reality that is witnessing your snapchat story from the night before, regretting that last Jägerbomb, and racking your brain as to who Steve is an why you proclaimed your love to him at least 5 times.

January 2nd 2016
Today is the day, gym memberships increase twofold as the majority of the population go out in search of the new them. Gone are the regretful thoughts of a snapchat story, the new them doesn’t think of such things, all they think about is healthy smoothies and kale. Shops are hit to purchase that much needed gym gear as you spot that salad in M&S and decide that you will live on trees for the rest of the year.

January 3rd 2016
The people that were too hungover to join the gym on the 2nd, now decide to join and repeat very much the same steps as the ‘January 2nd’ people, except they also pick up paracetamol with their salad, all whilst vowing never to drink again.

Fast forward to February 27th
Your bank account looks unhealthier than it did in December due to the ‘much used’ gym membership goes out each month. That ‘essential’ gym gear is sitting in your wardrobe after being worn one or two times, kale is now a distant memory and the massive bar of cadbury’s a present reality, and the people from the 2nd are sitting in Whetherspoons ordering their third vodka and coke.

But your not the same person that you were December 31st 2015, time has changed you, not matter how little. It’s exactly same as not being the same person as you were yesterday or tomorrow just on a larger scale. Maybe we don’t need gym memberships and  new eating habits to change us, sometimes everyday life is enough, after all life is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s true, some things are easier done than said.

Around The World In About 10 Minutes

I’d like to travel, not like hop on a boat with a map and compass for a year alone travel, and not drunken weekends and alcohol amnesia travel. But just travel, go places that aren’t what I consider home, to me it can be half way across the globe or just up the road. Today I thought I would share with you some of the places I want to visit. Now if you are all aware of the emergency exits and have perused the safety leaflet prepare for take off.


We are starting off close to home, kinda, well England. No reason for this one really, it just looks lovely, relaxing, and full of original charm. And check out the beaches, I’d happily grab an ice cream and a bag of chips and sit there for a while!


Let’s not go too far on this trip shall we. Bath, where to start? First of all the Roman baths, who doesn’t want to go there? With it’s extraordinary architecture and the ability to transport you back in time with water, it’s oozes a relaxing vibe and I have received very great views about it. Onto another piece of architecture I would love to visit the Royal Cresent in Bath, it’s shire size and magnitude are a much more than what’s conveyed through the pictures, so I can’t imagine how big and impressive it is in the flesh, well brick.


Now this location has much more of personal reason for my visit, she’s been asking for a mention for ages so here it is. My friend who I haven’t seen since primary school, Hannah (Hi out there if you’re reading!) she’s currently visiting me in my natural habitat, and I would be pretty awesome to visit her in her’s. Plus, Australia seems like a great place, if you exclude the storms, flash flood, hail, and forest fire season! Very idyllic indeed!

Washington DC:

You can’t have one of these posts and not go to America! That would be wrong! DC has always been on my list, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go and see Mr President, well his house, they’d never let me near 😛 It looks like one of them places that is constantly busy, but calm all out once, that and I think my subconscious hopes that if I get there the film ‘National Treasure’ might just happen!

New York:

NEW YORK! NEW YORK! The tourist capital of the world, everybody has been, even King Kong! Unlike DC this place is a recent addition to my list, I was never really interested in New York really, but then I read ‘From Notting Hill To New York…Actually’ by Ali McNamara and my view was changed completely. I quickly fell in love with this city of convenience and history, therefore I deserves a place on my list.  

If you’d all make sure your seatbelts are secure as we come in to land. There was a little preview into my ‘Places to Visit’ list, yep I actually have one! Sorry it’s not really bookish, but I’m working on expanding my horizions, that and I have some fab reviews coming up for you in the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoyed flying with ‘EllieAir’ have a safe trip home, we hope to see you soon!

A Sparkle Of Exciting Things | Announcement

This week, I am happy to announce that not only is Miss Backwards back to a normal schedule. “Yay, exams are over” She says happily. But I am extremely happy to announce that I am now part of a new collaboration blog, don’t worry this doesn’t mean that Miss Backwards is ending or you wont see me anymore, all it really means is that you get to see me twice a week instead of just once, aren’t you lucky people!

The blog’s called Sparkle Of Style and you can find it over here!

I am one of seven bloggers, with each of us posting on a day of the week. I’m Sundays, but it would be great if you showed support for the rest of the girls over there and read each day! Each week has a theme and we all write posts about that theme, so this weeks theme is ‘Introductions’ so make sure to go over there and check it out. Now that you have read this, go on over to Twitter and join in the frenzy using the hashtag #sparkleofstyleblog

I’ll be there!

Have a great week and I’ll see you Sunday over at Sparkle of Style!
Happy Reading,

P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a special post!

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

“Oxfords, never brogues,”

You know you’re in for a good film when there are explosions and espionage within the first 3 minutes, accompanied with the opening bars of ‘Money For Nothing’ by Dire Straits, Kingsman got off to a flying start. From that point it didn’t drop its standard for a moment, the whole cinema was chuckling throughout at the cleverly placed gags and jaw dropping fighting moves from Mr Darcy.

South Londoner Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is thrust into a world of high class espionage after being saved from arrest by a sharp-suited Harry Hart (Colin Firth) who is in debt to Eggsy’s family after many years. Falling into rank Eggsy soon ditches the trainers and snapback for a tailor suit and trademark Kingsman glasses, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius (Samuel L Jackson)

If you’re expecting a proper, James Bond like spy thriller, I think that you may have the wrong film. This film is a funny and refreshing take on the ‘Spy-Thriller’ with plenty of controversial elements that invite discussion. Matthew Vaughn directs from a script by Jane Goldman, based on a comic book by Mark Millar. Effectively an origin story the plot is left wide open for a sequel, which should be as classy as the first. There were some problems with the film, however they didn’t impact the whole viewing experience; Vaugh’s view of the class system can be seen as stereotypical (posh guy rescues a kid from troubling background) and raises a potential mark for extreme controversy. Although this controversial element is crucial for what can been seen as the moral to come through- that it’s not your accent, it’s your actions that really count – that’s when you get through the chopping off of limbs of course.

Overall it was a great film that was enjoyed by all that attend, I couldn’t pick a best bit because I loved it all, but the church scene really made my jaw drop (you’ll never Mr Firth in the same way again) Kingsman is a film that really did put class in kick- ass, and for that it get five stars/dragons.

5 Stars

Happy reading,