My Twenty By Twenty

When catching up with reading my favourite blogs this weekend, I saw a cute idea on ‘Frankie and George’ of thirty things Annie wants to do before hitting thirty. But as I can’t fathom the thought of one day turning thirty, because I’ve only just turned eighteen. I’ve decided to do twenty things by twenty years. That gives me, two years. Oh God, I’m going to be twenty in two years. Two years. Two! Shall we get on with the list? I’m just going to cry in a corner about my ageing.

  1. Pass my driving test.
  2. Learn to cook more an actual meal that I can serve to others.
  3. Make an effort to make new friends.
  4. Don’t forget the old friends.
  5. Become more confident when talking in front of crowds.
  6. Master the art of baking.
  7. Visit France.
  8. Read at least 10 books on my ‘to-read’ pile.
  9. Find someone to share great memories with.
  10. Raise money for charity.
  11. Move out.
  12. Regain my drawing skill.
  13. Get an article published somewhere.
  14. Improve on my gift giving skills.
  15. Get a pupilage.
  16. Give learning French a proper try.
  17. Share more recipes.
  18. Write a book.
  19. Expand my musical collection.
  20. Extend the date to Twenty Five, because this is quite a mammoth task!

New Year, New Things

Happy new year dear reader! I hope you had a nice time seeing the new year in whatever it is that you decide to do, and that you have set realistic resolutions (something I never seem to be able to do) So to welcome the new year in style I would like to introduce a some new things that will be coming up here at Miss Backwards.

Book Banter:
In order to keep the content fresh and different I have decided to change the Tizzy Tuesday posts to fortnightly as I find it rather repetitive to write and upload the same type of thing each week, so to fill the gap I have invented a new interview type post for your perusal. Book Banter is a set of questions that me and friend/ family members along with other bloggers will discuss, then I will be typing it all up and revealing to you guys. Hopefully if all goes to plan I will eventually be making these into a type of video for you to watch rather than read as I feel that it would be a better platform, but I might wait until I get a slightly bigger following for that! This should be a fun and interesting project for me to look forward to.

Branching Out:
Although I have always made this blog out to be about books, I have found in 2014 that I rather like writing about lifestyle and sharing with you guys what I do on a day to day basis, so you should expect a lot more Saturday posting of general life-ness. If you have anything you’d like me to explore and write about let me know!

Okay, you’ve caught me out, I know that book related blog mainly attract attention and a following for reviewing books, and there appears to be a distinct lack of reviews on here… I can explain, no really I can, I hate reviewing books I just find it so difficult to explain my thoughts about books without giving anything away! So in order to tackle this wall that seems to have appeared whenever I try to review a book I thought I would start reviewing other things such a TV, music, and objects. This should hopefully ease me into the world of reviewing, so watch this space.

I have a lot of favourite things in this world, and I love sharing them with people, so as of 2015 I will be uploading a lot more favourite lists, such as summer reads and places to visit.

Take-Over Thursdays: 
Yep, I typed that write. I will be letting someone takeover my corner of the internet every now and then for a post of their choice to be uploaded by me on a Thursday. I will only be writing a small introduction to these so I’d prepare for the funny, the bad, and the damn right weird every Thursday just in case it’s a take-over day!

With your continued support and publicity, 2014 has been a great year for me. But i’d like to make 2015 even better!
Happy new year and happy reading,