Hang On In There

Hang On In There

I made two realisations last night.

1. I’m frustrated at the lack of content on my blog. 2. I have the power to change the amount of content on my blog.

I’m still finding it hard to get back into writing, most sentences are difficult to form at the moment. My travel posts sound like wikipedia articles, and my reviews seem to skip the bad parts. All whilst I’m seeing people being honest with their audiences, and I can’t help but think that I’m too honest too often, you don’t come here to see me publish content moaning about my lack of content, or to be informed that I’m taking yet another break.

If you happen to be here for that reason I encourage you to quit the window, or close the tab that currently displays these words, because I’m not doing that anymore. No more rebranding, no more “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I don’t need a schedule” Because I do. I want my posts to make impressions, create discussions and get people talking. But I can’t do that without an audience, and people aren’t going to read sporadic content that has been made with the least amount of effort possible, just so the creator gets to press the ‘publish’ button. I hope you’ll stay whilst I get some content sorted and establish a schedule.

Exciting times ahead, just hang on in there.

A special thank you to Matti, who helped me realise that I am actually capable of writing more than messages and emails. She’s pretty great. 

Why I’m Embracing Minimal Make Up!

Big apology’s from me! I’ve had no internet for the past two days, but now I’m back home so here is the post that was mean’t to go up Tuesday. You know what to make up for it, I’ll post a little something for you Saturday, let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in the comments below!

I cannot deny that I wear make up, it is clear to see. I’m a girl, that’s what we stereotypically do, my make up isn’t always right, it’s sometimes smeared, and patchy. But I’m not expert, I’m just a teenage girl with minimal experience plastering paint on her face to fit it and feel confident when facing the world. Particularly on a Monday morning when the late nights of the weekend are plain to see.

A couple of months ago I posted on Twitter that minimal make up equalled half the time and twice the confidence. What I didn’t expect was a retweet, a friend from school had retweeted it. After all I was declaring to the world that I, Ellie Colegate, was wearing hardly any make up, why would anyone be interested in that? I asked myself this question many times, and came up empty. But regardless of peoples opinions on make up, whether to cover or for fun, it’s up to you whether you wear it or not, if you want to cover up that freckle or blemish, or perhaps try winged eye liner because you think you will rock that look. Do it. Cause chances are, you will.

Stop reading for a moment, and find a mirror. Upon your arrival to said mirror take a look and ask yourself how much make up are you wearing. Lots? None? Minimal?

I never realised how much make up I wore until I wiped it off one day and was greeted with an abstract painting of orange and black on the wipe. Anybody would have thought I was a Netflix original series. The first time I ignored it, the second I was slightly concerned so started to pick up less on my brush, after that the orange and black paintings kept coming, I had no idea why, I wasn’t applying as much make up as before right? I’d changed the amount I picked up on my brush a while back.

Then I watched myself take off my make up, I purposely took it off in front of a mirror. To say I was a little scared would be incorrect. My real skin opposed to what the rest of the world saw was a completely different colour, that’s when I decided a change was needed. I spent a week wearing no make up, it was half term and I hadn’t planned to do a lot that required make up. I found myself feeling more confident in my skin by the time Sunday came round. But come Monday evening I was again removing a Netflix original. But then in one early morning  choice I found myself not putting on foundation and just reaching for the powder, feeling nervous nearly all day thinking that someone might comment on my appearance, but none came, no one commented, I don’t think anyone actually noticed. So when I got home I looked in the mirror and realised I didn’t actually look that bad, I looked like the Ellie I wanted to be, not the Ellie who wanted to fit it.

Every now and then I wear foundation, and I’m happy to say that I now wear a lighter shade, no more Netflix original thank you very much! But more recently I have been wear just powder and mascara, a bit of concealer here and there, but gone are my days of heavy make up and orange wipes. Minimal make up makes me feel confident in my own skin because I know that the world is seeing the real me, not just the one desperate to fit in.

Happy Make-uping!


What A Year It Has Been…

Tis’ the season and that can only mean that I have reflective ramble for you all…

The season has been and gone, the curtains on pantomimes finally drawn, turkeys cooked and eaten in household across the nation and gifts exchanged all across the globe. But as I sit here on my family sofa that is my bed for the night, I’m not thinking off all of the gifts that I have recieved today, although listening to ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 89’ which was opened this morning does grant a mention. I am thinking of all of the family and friends that have entered and left my on this chapter of my life.

No doubt about it 2014 have been a big year for me, but one that I think has fitted me well, I have worn it well and got a lot from it, especially when it comes the changes in my social circles. I have met a great amount of new people this year, and each and every person that has entered my life in the second part of this year, I like to hope that they can stick around for a few more chapters, as I have a strong feeling that they will make stories even better to tell in the future. As for the people that have left this chapter before it’s end, I thank you, each person didn’t left without celebration. Some left parting gifts, some simply said a goodbye, but each and every person I still think about now, they might reappear in the future but for now they have said their last goodbyes, and taken their part of my story with them.

As this is primarily a book related blog, I think that 2014 has definitely ticked the box for character development, I feel that I have matured a lot this year, I have tackled problems and aspects of my life that I wasn’t happy about head on and not backed down for a second. That’s something I am proud of. I have learned to live for the now, not worry about the future, and look at the little things, appreciate the things that go unnoticed sometimes. But most of all I have learn’t a lesson that I hope to take on with me at the forefront of my mind in 2015, that’s not to doubt myself and abilities, because I have proved this year that I can do anything I can put my mind to.

Here in this little, tiny, corner of the internet I call home a couple of times a week (if i’m lucky) has played a big part in the second half of the year. So thank you, yes you reading this, thanks. You no longer make me feel like I am rambling into the universe, people are actually listening, all 20 something of you, I am deeply grateful for all of your support.

Right, i’m going to spend some well earned time with my family and A-Level revision packs.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, I hope you got everything you wanted, and a Happy New Year. Most of all thank you.
Happy reading,

Coming Soon: A report of all of my festive gifts! Share some of yours if you want in the comments!


“Rooms are a fixed size, which can’t be altered without pulling down walls and building new ones. They should be unchanging in shape and proportions. But sometimes they do change depending on who’s in them.” – Aidan Chambers, Dying to Know You

Some people enter your life and they change you forever, they make you sit and think about them long after you have gone your separate ways. Some leave you parting gifts that are extremely special and whenever you look at it you are suddenly assaulted by a montage of all of the good and bad times that you had with them.  These are the moments that I truly cherish, as they show you the reason that you don’t forget them, they show you in a mini sequence why they were so important to you in the first place. As there may come a day when I can’t remember how wonderful they were, how their voice sounded, or what made me so inspired by them in the first place. That’s a prospect that truly scares me to my very core.  Another question I ask myself about the people that have come and gone throughout my life is, are they still the same person that I knew them as? For all I know they could have witnessed something that has changed them forever, or perhaps they have met someone that has changed them forever.

I sit and wonder about all of these people who have inspired me, taught me, and sculpted me into the person that I am today, and the most common conclusion that I come to is, where are they now? Now many of you may think I mean that in a way in which I ask myself what they may have achieved since they became absent from my life, but I actually mean it in a geographical sense. Is my old art teacher sitting in her 50’s inspired living room on her laptop with her cat beside her? Or perhaps my old English teacher is marking his new classes’ books at his kitchen table?  How about that boy who asked me for directions the other week is he at home with his mum telling her all about his day?

“People come into your life everyday, you say good morning, you say good evening, some stay for a few minutes, some stay for a few months, some a year, others a whole lifetime. No matter who it is, you meet and then you part.” –  Cecelia Ahern, If You Could See Me Now

People share stories with you that do change you, even if it’s the little things like being more cautious when crossing the road because of an event that they experience in the past that they recalled to you in such detail and emotion that you wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. I have met people so passionate about certain things that eventually, without realising they have made you as passionate as them.  When I think of these people and how some of them have left my life it makes me quite sad, but I know that one day I might meet someone that needs inspiring just like they did me and that makes me thankful for their company throughout the years, as they have taught me lessons that I will never forget.

That was a quick ramble about people, and how they have changed me as a person I had to get it out there to make people appreciate what they have and the people around them, because you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone.