5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

“What do you like to do in your spare time?”
“I run a lifestyle blogger, I write reviews, give fashion tips, and share my life.”
“Oh, so you’re like Tanya…Burr is it? Or Zoella? My Goddaughter loves her. Do you use a camera and video yourself?”
“I’m going to need a bigger glass of wine.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in the situation above a lot recently. Whenever I happen to mention that I have a lifestyle blog people assume that I’m a vlogger like Zoe Sugg or another internet household name, or that I have had successful brand deals with the likes of Asos and Urban Decay. I’m not, and I haven’t. I’m just about on the scale and list of lifestyle bloggers, here’s five things I wish I knew before taking my place at the ‘lesser known end of the scale’.

Things I Wish I knew Before I Started

Goals are good, just be realistic.
We all dream of being big in the blogging world, some of us even dream of branching off into the freelance writing sector. But there is no point in having these dreams if you don’t set realistic goals to get there, I find that making small weekly goals for my blog are the best way of advancing. I ususally start with a research task at the start of the week, it gives me time to get any information I need for a blog post, check it hasn’t been done by other bloggers that often, that sort of thing. Once that’s done the rest of the goals are easier to break down. The point is that I break my blog posts down from the goal of “write a blog post” to four or five little goals, like “research topic”, “get outfit information such as brands and prices”, and “invent a catchy title” This way writing posts is easier and you feel like you’ve accomplished more at the end. Remember, the most you post the closer you could be to becoming the next Tanya Burr! 

Write everything down.
I can’t stress this one enough, the amount of great post ideas I’ve had late at night and have woken up not having a clue what they were is unreal! Write everything down, even if it is the smallest start of an idea, it could turn into a massive success. I prefer writing my ideas with a pen and paper opposed to typing them, it just feels a bit more creative and I can write quicker than I can type so my hands can keep up. But if you are more technological, then apps like Evernote or even the built in note app on your phone are excellent for writing those ideas on the go.

Go to brands, don’t wait for them to come to you.
The amount of bloggers out there at the moment is insane. So how do you get the brands to notice you, go to them! I have it on good authority that if you go to brands directly instead of waiting for them to notice you, you are in a better position for the prospect of working with them. Going to brands shows that you are willing to put yourself out there and are passionate about what you do. I must admit I haven’t tried this technique yet, but it’s on my list!

It’s okay to use stock photos. 
I’ve always been insistent on using my own photos on my blog, I used to hate stock photos, sometimes they can look cheap and lowers the value of your content. But then I was introduced to places like Unsplash and Gratisography.  The photos are  free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Which is a dream come true once you’ve seen the quality of the photos!

Stay on top of current affairs.
When I started blogging, I was determined that my blog would be a little corner of the internet untouched by the harsh realities of life. But I have since discovered that staying out to the ‘real world’ can make you seem ignorant and robotic, a lot of my audience come for a human being talking about their life. Not some automaton ignoring a highly significant event that has affected millions. Commenting on current affairs, both on a world wide scale and in your personal life is a great way to show people that you are aware of the world around you and keeps you relevant.

I hope this helps some of you out there, I know I would have loved this sort of advice when starting out. Update on ‘Hang On In There’: I’m easing myself back into blogging, a schedule is nearly sorted and content is being finalised. I’m hoping to do a bit more current affairs topical writing and I’m in love with the idea of “Get the Look” posts. If you’ve got any suggestions to what you would like to see let my know in the comments below! Thanks for hanging on. 


YouTuber Tuesday

So this week’s Tizzy Tuesday has bit of a theme, I am going to be talking all about YouTuber’s who have books set for release. In case you don’t know a ‘YouTuber’ is someone who makes videos for an extremely large fan base and then uploads them to YouTube for our viewing pleasure, they are often referred to by the media as ‘the most famous people you have never heard off’ but now many of them are branching out from making videos and are now releasing books into the galaxy for our reading pleasure. With the astounding success of Pointless Blog’s (known to many as Alfie Deyes) book, (you can find out more if you click his picture in the bottom of this post) it has seemed to sparked a new interest and discussion point of, are they just video makers, or people that are a lot more influential than ever? With millions of young people looking up to them as role models, and in many cases an honouree elder sibling. So without further ado, I give you the YouTube version of Tizzy Tuesday!

P.s This is sort of in two parts because I’m waiting for more information to be released about the other book, wouldn’t want to give you false information would I?

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella:

One of the most famous people on YouTube with 6,527,576 subscribers (as of 18/11/14) to her beauty/lifestyle channel, it’s no doubt that this book has created a lot of attention. So if you get a copy when it is released next week (November 25th) you should count yourself lucky, I will be waiting till Christmas for my copy, but it sure looks like a good book that her fans are sure to love. It tells the story of Penny a young girl with a big secret, posting to her blog under the alias GirlOnline she tells the followers of her blog everything: boys, school dramas, her whirlwind of a family, and the panic attacks that she has been suffering from lately. When her family suddenly whisk her away to New York, she meets the gorgeous musician that is Noah. Soon Penny finds herself falling in love, with everyone watching through her blog. Little does she know that the perfect Noah has a secret as well, one that could send her world crashing around her. Below is a the book trailer, I really love the song that I they have used!

Overall I won’t be looking at this book as ‘oh that famous girl has written it, it has to be good or I will send her a load of hateful comments’ I will be reviewing this book as if I would any other. Because just like Penny, you might see Zoe Sugg as Zoella the internet personality, but I think when people read this they should read it with the mindset that she’s an author, a writer, she has written this books because it’s something she has wanted to do, not because it gets her more attention or subscribers, she wants to share her insights into anxiety and other thing that people can relate to. Don’t believe me; watch the video below to see how excited she is to share this with all her fans. Enjoy the book and let me know what you think, just don’t ruin the ending 🙂

So that was a rather short part 1 of YouTube themed Tizzy Tuesday, I’m off into the real world where I have to write about things other than books. Oh by the way if you click Zoella’s picture below you can find more information on her book, and the same for PointlessBlog.


Hope you enjoyed that , as always let me know what you think and share with me any books you are looking forward to.
Happy reading,